"It's touching sometimes, how much the Goddesses care for me..."

"It's touching sometimes, how much the Goddesses care for me..."


Oh look... I did a re-do!

Re-do of "Manic". I was going to post it up for Halloween, but forgot.



Stupid Gerudo pants... they are the bane of my artistic existence!


Return Scenes that made me cry

Except for Dark Link and a random Laruto there.

But the other three, yeah. Gosh I cried like a baby.


Sketches by Antoinette 721

Can't have myself taking all the glory can I? Here we have some lovely sketches by one of my fellow Deviant Art friends, Antoinette721!


My Mom can Kick your Mom's Butt

If she were alive that is... :C

I love you Natalia. Q_Q

Manic in the Dark World

Remember that moment when Hunter wakes up from his maiden crystal, and Link's fighting off the sentinel, and the first Time Hunter sees Link after being kidnapped is this face?


My thoughts exactly.


Alone in the Dark - Brayden

Brayden, stuck as a shade... in the mental kind of way... I'm sure you guys get it. lol


Lord Eldric

And now our most favorite rival of our hero finally makes an appearance. That's burning jealousy in the background, by the way.


Extra authors

if you guys wish to post on the blog as well, please send me your e-mail to Mudora17@gmail.com so you guys can post what you will as well as edit the blog if you so wish!

Hunter of the Sheikah and Neesha of the Gerudo

Portraits from our favorite trio of do-gooders. Gotta love the dream team.